1962 Aermacchi Harley Davidson Ala Verde 250

The 250 cc Ala Verde motorcycle was built by Aermacchi after Harley Davidson invested money in the company buying up 50% of the stock. Aermacchi was originally an aircraft company. The Ala Verde model first came out in the late 1950's designed by Aermacchi's chief engineer, Alfredo Bianchi. Ala Verde means "green wing" and the motorcycle is considered a sport roadster. It has a 140 km/h top speed and excellent handling with styling to match. We bought this 1962 Ala Verde in Imola, Italy in the late 1990's in restored condition, only making a few minor improvements to it since then. It has an air cooled OHV horizontal single cylinder engine with approx 19 HP. It has a 5-speed gearbox.

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