Engine Repair

We have worked on many different motorcycle engines and transmissions from vintage Harley Davidsons to BSAs, Nortons, BMWs, Motor Guzzis and more. Our classic motorcycle engine and transmission rebuild procedures are careful, knowledgeable and rock solid. We have decades of experience that ensure you get a quality job.

Below are links to projects that involved engine and/or transmission work only.

We also rebuilt two 1915 Harley Davidson transmissions and engines, as part of a preparation for a Motorcycle Cannonball ride from coast to coast.

15hds_03 20160120_21.24.5015hds_05

Below is a BMW R60/2 transmission taken apart for repair.

dan_tran1 dan_tran4dan_tran5

A Vincent engine and transmission parts. He has worked on numerous Vincents.


Münch Mammoth motor assembled from pieces in a box and installed into the frame. It is a 1200cc NSU car motor. This was a complete restoration.

munch_res_021k munch_res_018kmunch_res_023k