1975 Vespa PE 200

Sometimes when you have the opportunity to pick up an old motorcycle, you do so because it hearkens back to your youth. That was just the case with this 1975 Vespa PE 200. They are not always high-value motorcycles, but they deserve the time and attention to get them running, and looking good for everyone to enjoy.

This was not a compete restoration, but a lot of work went into the Vespa scooter to bring it back to life: The engine was removed and disassembled, repaired and repainted, and reassembled. In the transmission, 2nd and 3rd gears were replaced, and the shift cross. The wiring harness was replaced, headlight assembly, wheels and tires, fuel tank, shift and throttle cables, and numerous other small parts and gaskets. The carburetor was also rebuilt. After the scooter was reassembled, it was completely detailed, touch up paint applied, test ridden and given our “seal of approval.”

Jerry riding his newly-refurbished Vespa for the first time.