1938 Zündapp K800

This was a ground up restoration, completed in under 6 months. Absolutely stunning motorcycle. This German pre-war motorcycle first appeared in 1933 with its unusual horizontally opposed 4-cylinder 798cc engine, which was ideal for use with sidecars – thanks to their relatively powerful engines, strong pressed steel frames, and rugged girder forks. The engine architecture of the K800 was well ahead of its time, it uses unit construction, a shaft drive, and a 4-speed transmission with a hand shifter above the right side cylinders. It was fitted with a two-into-one exhaust on each side – elegantly meeting at the muffler just before the rear wheel hub. It comes with a rare Noris headlight and Veigel scroll speedometer, a combination running board side stand, period-style leather luggage and rally badges (not shown below), and even a period motorcycle tool kit. Check out the restoration and final photos below.


The final result after restoration: a stunning motorcycle.


Below are a few photos of the engine build and the beginning of the final assembly of the motorcycle.


The completed bike below.