1959 Zündapp 250

This motorcycle was bought at auction, but needed extra work to bring it up to the buyer’s expectations. We disassembled the complete motorcycle and sent out the frame and several other parts for powder coating. While re-assembling the motorcycle he cleaned and adjusted the carburetors, ignition points and adjusted the timing. The front brake cable had to be shortened and adjusted, new tank kneepads installed and a we manufactured a custom speedometer cable.

This Zündapp 250 is not original. It looks like the 250 Super Sabre, but the Zündapp models had different fenders, seats, tail lights, etc. There are some original Zündapp 250 images below. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to motorcycles. Some like all original, others simply want a clean look, and some go complete custom.

zundapp_27 zundapp_29 zundapp_30 zundapp_31 zundapp_32 zundapp_33 zundapp_34 zundapp_36 zundapp_38 zundapp_39


The Zündapp 250 Super Sabre


Ad for a Zündapp 250S