1974 Bultaco Pursang Motocross Bikes

These two Bultaco Pursangs were restored by Classic Motorcycles at the same time. These torquey 2-stroke machines were presented to us by the original owner for restoration. One is a 1975 Pursang 250 (blue) and the other is a 1974 Pursang 360 (red).

When American Jim Pomeroy  won the 1973 250cc Spanish motocross Grand Prix it shocked the international motocross establishment, putting the Spanish-owned Bultaco on the map. The Barcelona factory, marketing on the success of Pomeroy’s win on the 250, came out with the 360 the following year. Both are absolutely beautiful machines.

Here a video of the Bultacos running from our YouTube channel:

The first group of pictures below is during the restoration process.

This group of pictures is of the restored 1975 Bultaco Pursang 250.

And the last group below is of the 1974 Bultaco Pursang 360.