1951 Vincent Rapide and Steib Sidecar

This motorcycle was previously owned by Marty Dickerson, who is famous for racing Vincents at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Rapide was originally built by Vincent enthusiast Dave Marshall. It was a total nut and bolt rebuild with a Maughan crank and top end, Gary Robertson cams, V3 clutch, Alton 12-volt dynamo, BT-H magneto, etc. The carburetors were honed and stainless steel slides installed.

Here at Classic Motorcycles we restored the Steib S501 sidecar. The upholstery is by Michael Maestas. The sidecar has leather upholstery and wool carpets even in the boot. Other notables about the sidecar: the wind screen hardware was replicated in stainless steel, and all the sidecar attachments to the bike are chrome plated. This Vincent motorcycle and sidecar won first in its class at the 2013 Clubman’s “All British Motorcycle Show”.

The first few photos show the sidecar mounted before it was painted.

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Clubman’s All British Motorcycle Class Winner