1970 Norton 850 Commando with a Wasp Sidehack

This is a really rare bike. It has an understated, monochromatic beauty about it — all in silver. We sold this over 20 years ago in the US, and it ended up back in England, its original birthplace. It has a twin cylinder 850cc Commando engine. The sidehack is built by Wasp (picture of the factory at the bottom). In the early 70s the Norton/Wasp Hack was the winning combination in Sidecar Cross World Championships, in particular for riders like Robert Grogg / Andreas Hüsser and Rikus Lubbers / Bart Notten. It’s a fascinating motorcycle sport requiring two very agile athletes.

norton_hack2norton_hack1 norton_wasp_0007 norton_wasp_0008 norton_wasp_0009 norton_wasp_0011

The photos below were taken during the restoration process of the Norton, before the sidehack was restored and attached.



The Wasp factory