1978 Moto Morini 3-1/2 350 V-Twin

This Moto Morini is a fairly unusual motorcycle. A former Ferrari designer, Franco Lambertini, is responsible for the design of this machine. Testers back in the day appreciated its zippy engine, precise gear changes (6- speed), and nimble clutch. Weighing just 320 pounds and producing 39 horsepower, this little bike has excellent handling.

When the owner brought this bike to Classic Motorcycles it was cosmetically in good shape, but did not run. We often have a number of motorcycles in our garage, but this seemed to be our Italian phase. At the same time we had a Duc, Vespa, Benelli and this Moto Morini sharing the same space. I guess, as the saying goes, “like seeks like”.

The Moto Morini required a variety of repairs to get her underway again: new clutch, a rebuild of the front brake master cylinder, a repair to the charging wiring system, carburetor timing adjustments, a complete rebuild of the front forks, and the list goes on. But when the owner picked it up, he got to ride his Moto Morini 3-1/2 for the first time in years. The smile on his face was priceless.

Owner Jonathan riding his Moto Morini 3-1/2