1942 BMW R75 Wehrmachtsgespann

The BMW R-75 motorcycle was used by the German military in WW II in both the Eastern Front and the North African Campaign. Approximately 16,500 were built between 1940 and 46. As a cross-country motorcycle for the Wehrmacht, the bike and sidecar had a load capacity of approximately 500 kg. This was restored in 2000 to original specs using the Afrika Korps desert-sand color. The engine is a 745cc flat twin (OHC) with 26 HP. It has a 4-speed gearbox plus reverse.  The accompanying MG 34 had a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute. The bike has been shown at numerous concours events and is always a crowd pleaser.


1st Place Winner at the Quail 2016 - A Tribute to Military Motorcycles

1st Place Winner at Quail 2016 – A Tribute to Military Motorcycles

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