New Classics 1970 to 2000

These are the “newer” motorcycles in our collection. Some are classic. Some are not. It’s a question of time where classic ends and new begins. The motorcycles below range in age from 1971 to 1995. All of them we own, or have owned — occasionally trading in or trading up to another machine. Our son also rides, and he too has traded up to bigger bikes. Each one has a story to tell.


1974 Maico MD 250
Great color! This is the street legal version of the Maico. It has a single cylinder rotary valve engine. The double exhaust only came on the 250.
1974 Norton Commando 850
This was bought in the USA and restored for a friend who lives in Prüm, Germany. It has an air-cooled twin engine with a 4-speed transmission.
1975 Condor A350
This ex-Swiss military motorcycle is built around a non-desmo OHC Ducati 350 single motor. The 350 is the best known Condor in Europe.
1971 MZ ES 150/1 Trophy
This is the second of the two MZ Trophys we owned. This is a 1971 and is a 150cc. The ES model series was built from 1962 to 1978.
1_suzuki3 1976 Suzuki GT 550
Loving that 2-stroke power. The Suzuki has an air-cooled 543cc inline-3 with 50 hp. Smooth ride.
1975 Suzuki GT 250
We bought this Suzuki first, and while it is a cool 2-stroke, we like having more power. Specs: air-cooled aluminum 247cc parallel twin, with 31 hp.
1980 Honda CY 50
The successor to the Honda DAX. It has an air-cooled single cylinder 50cc motor, which we replaced with a 75cc motor. Great little ride.
1971 Hercules K-105 X
A garage find from a friend. We restored it to its original look. It’s not a powerful or special motorcycle, but it was a every kid’s dream in 1970.
1987 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail
It is a great-looking touring bike with a V2 4-stroke and 1340cc. We took ours over 7,000 kilometers from Germany to the south of Spain.
2001 Yamaha YZF R6 Champion’s Edition
Our son’s latest ride. It has an in-line four, four-stroke motor with 120 HP, and a 6-speed transmission. Keep the rubber side down!
1997 Ducati 916
We bought this 916 from a woman. She was trading up to a Ducati Panigale! Now that’s a need for speed. The 916 has become a classic and is one of the most beautiful bikes ever produced.
1990 Honda QR 50 + Sidecar
This was Brandon’s first motorcycle. At 3 he could ride it. At 5 we took the side car off. At age 10 he had a Honda 100, and now at 18 he has a Honda 250 — five times the machine he started with.
1991 Hercules K-180 Bundeswehr
We bought this directly from the German Bundeswehr. You don’t see the K-180 versions often. It has the single cylinder 2-stroke Sachs motor.
1995 Ducati 900 SuperSport
This was Lisa’s 1st motorcycle. The Ducati 900 has a V2 four-stroke engine with 80 HP. Awesome Ducati sound.
1989 Yamaha FZR 1000
As clean as the day it was new. Beautiful, fast motorcycle with 145 HP and a top speed of nearly 170mph.
1982 Maico 490 Alpha 1
This is a 488cc motocross bike. It was raced in the mid eighties in the desert. It is a single-cylinder two-stroke… a beast!
1995 Jawa 350 TS with Sidecar
This is a 350cc touring bike from the Czech Republic. For us, it was a family fun bike, as the kids loved the sidecar. But we sold it.