European Tours

In the summer of ’98, we rode our Harley Davidson 7,000 kilometers through Europe. Starting from our hometown of Oberwürzbach, we rode along the borders of Germany and France, over the Swiss Alps, through Northern Italy and down to the Mediterranean coasts of Italy, France and Spain. Just south of Valencia we turned west and wound our way through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Guadalquivir River, stopping for a family visit in Andalucia.

It’s a different view from a motorcycle — the natural elements are up close and personal. Below are some photos from that journey.

Our Harley in the raps fields in Germany before our tour.

Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy below.

Noli, on the Italian Riviera.

St. Tropez and the casino at Monte Carlo.



Tosse de Mar, Spain


The Alhambra, Spain

As we lived only 15 kilometers from the French border, many of our short motorcycle trips ended up at a Bistro or Cafe in France. We often rode with three to four friends. The stops along the way were interesting, including old bunkers along the Maginot Line, a glider plane field in the French countryside and the old city of Sarreguemines in the Alsace-Lorraine region. Below are photos from a few of those trips.

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