1976 Benelli 750 SEI

This beautiful Benelli SEI went through a ground up restoration in the spring of 2017. Since the owner – an avid collector of Italian motorcycles – had “too many red motorcycles”, he opted for this original green color, which is stunning in the sunlight.

This 750 cc motorcycle has a six cylinder engine – and six exhaust pipes, which really define the look of this machine. It also has three Dell’Orto carburetors. The engine produces 76 HP with a top speed of circa 127 mph. It is a very smooth touring motorcycle.

The challenge in this restoration was obtaining parts from Italy and Germany. Depending on frame and engine numbers, Benelli had series 1 and 2 machines, and three iterations on the transmission. It was a trick sourcing the right parts, but the result is amazing.

The final result after restoration.

Below are photos of the restoration process, and final photos of the bike upon completion.