Sidecar Rides

A tale of Two Sidecars: a BMW R60/2 with an S500 Steib and a BMW R60 with a TR500 Steib.

On Memorial Day we decided to have some sidecar fun with our friends Dan Reichel and Theresa Worsch. They rode in their 1969 R60/2 with the Steib S500 sidecar (black interior) and we took Dave Plucinski’s 1959 R60 with the TR500 sidecar (red interior) for an extended test run. 🙂  We restored both of these BMWs and their sidecars. We had picture-perfect weather for the ride. We toured down the coast from Oceanside to La Jolla and back. Great fun!

sidecar_ride01k  sidecar_ride02k sidecar_ride03k sidecar_ride04k sidecar_ride05k sidecar_ride06ksidecar_ride07ksidecar_ride08k   sidecar_ride09ksidecar_ride10k sidecar_ride11k sidecar_ride12k sidecar_ride13k sidecar_ride15k sidecar_ride16k sidecar_ride17ksidecar_ride18k sidecar_ride20k