1973 Triumph Cheney

Cheney Racing is a British motorcycle manufacturer, originally founded by Eric Cheney, which builds high performance motocross motorcycles mostly from a BSA or Triumph base. This 1973 Triumph Cheney motorcycle is owned by Barry Weiss, and while Cheney Triumph is already a customized racing motorcycle, it just wasn’t Barry’s custom style.

This motorcycle was taken apart down to the frame. The cylinder heads and side covers were polished, various parts were nickel plated and others were powder coated, including the brake plates and shocks. Several new parts were ordered — gaskets, tires, mirrors and more. The rims, fenders, side covers and tank were custom painted and pinstriped. Custom leather seat and leather cover for the handlebar were installed. Custom kickstand, exhaust mounts and shields were fabricated; and a different handlebar installed. Special front light and ignition module were installed and voilá you have a custom Barry Weiss Cheney Triumph.



1973 Triumph Cheney stock, before the restoration

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