1954 BMW R68 – last of the plunger frame models

The 1954 BMW R68 motorcycle is a 600 cc sport version of earlier BMW models. It is considered to be one of the post war “super sports” machines. The telescopic-fork, plunger-framed models represent the end of an era for BMW motorcycles, of which the high-performance R68 is the ultimate expression! Approximately 1450 were produced between 1952-54 making it a rare BMW model. This is a recent frame up restoration.

1954 BMW R68 after a ground up restoration.

Every project has its own challenges: sometimes it’s digging up hard-to-find parts, or getting a crank rebuilt; in addition to the usual paint, powder coating, plating, lacing wheels, and final assembly.

The final look after 10 weeks of a ground up restoration. Also, check out the video of the BMW machine running on our
YouTube channel, Klassic Machines: Rare 1954 BMW R68