1990 Honda QR 50 with Sidecar

This was Brandon’s first motorcycle. The QR 50 was Honda’s answer to the Yamaha PW 50. It is a 2-stroke, 50cc, single shock, automatic and shaft driven. We bought it for our son at 2-1/2. The great thing about this bike was the unique, custom-built side car. At a young age he could actually ride it. To ensure nothing went wrong an adult could sit on the side hack and steer the bike. At age 5, we took off the side car to teach our son to ride. You can see his progress in the pictures below. At 10 he had twice the bike with a Honda 100, and now at 18 he rides a Honda 250.

honda_qr50_04 honda_qr50_05 honda_qr50_07honda50__014 brandon_honda_2brandon_honda_5 honda50__006honda_qr50_01  brandon_honda_7honda_qr50_08ocotillo_ride83riding2_035pineval316_02