1937 Wanderer 98

We came across a few Wanderers while in Germany. They were essentially “barn finds”. Most were Mofas, short for Motorrad-Farhrad — 98cc motors, pedal start — translated it means motorcycle-bicycles. The Wanderer factory was based out of Chemnitz, Germany and started in the bicycle business in 1890. They began manufacturing motorcycles in 1902. They also produced typewriters, of which we have a few in our collection. They ceased production of motorcycles and cars in 1945, which was the demise of the company. (Note: the burgundy painted Mofa below is actually a Miele — another of our barn finds.)

black_wanderer1 black_wanderer2 black_wanderer3 black_wanderer4wanderer_98_restoredwanderer_advertisingwander_factory_from_type_image

Below are photos of a nice, original Miele, another of our barn finds.