1956 JAWA 500 OHC

The Jawa 500 OHC was built in Czechoslovakia from the early to mid 50’s. The company got its name after its founder Janecek bought the license to build 500 cc motorcycles from the German Wanderer-Werke. The JA letters come from his name and WA from Wanderer; hence JAWA. The JAWA 500 has a bevel gear drive overhead camshaft and large drum brakes. Pictured below are also various brochures/ads from JAWA promoting their 350 cc OHC version. The 500 OHC JAWA is the more rare motorcycle. We bought this bike while living in Germany and brought it with us to the USA. Sadly we no longer have it.

jawa_003k jawa_005k jawa_006k jawa_009 jawa_009k1 jawa_010k jawa_011k jawa_prospekt2 jawa_prospekt3 jawa_prospekt4 jawa_prospekt5