Stage 10 — Golden to Grand Junction

Monday, September 15, 2014 — Golden to Grand Junction

Stage Ten — This stage from Golden to Grand Junction, Colorado took us through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, following the magnificent Colorado River. For the riders on the vintage motorcycles it was an exceptional challenge as they had to climb 12,000 feet up to Loveland Pass crossing the Continental Divide.

The views were spectacular, as was the perfect finish from Team Vino. Everyone aced the 278-mile journey, as did our two adopted riders, Pat and Cris Simmons. Their mechanic was overwhelmed with other team bikes, so Classic Motorcycles worked on theirs, and did so on several occasions, so we think of them as our adopted riders. They also enjoyed riding with Scott and Sharon. One big happy family.

Images from an amazing day / Stage 10:

Scenic views above crossing the Rockies.

Dean Bordigioni makes it on his 1923 Harley to Loveland Pass.

Dean Bordigioni makes it to Loveland Pass on his 1923 Harley Davidson JS.

Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons with a big — maybe surprised — smile. He finished another stage.


Sharon and Cris. Fist bump. Woman power.

Scott Jacobs

All perfect scores to date. Scott Jacobs
is a happy camper.

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