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1955 Vincent Black Shadow

We just finished a ground-up restoration of a 1955 Vincent Black Shadow Series D. This model is the last of the legendary Black Shadows before the company ceased manufacturing a week before Christmas Day 1955. When the Vincent was introduced in 1946 (the Rapide) it was the first true 110...

Motorcycle Auctions

Auctions are exciting, loud, stressful, fun and a wonderful gathering of all your motorcycle friends. Where else would you see the most amazing collection of motorcycles. We went in Janauary of 2023 and below are a few photos, including those of friends who either sold or purchased a vintage motorcycle.

1975 Kreidler Florett RMC

The Kreidler Florett was a “Mokick” – basic German transportation: pedal-equipped, 2-stroke model with 50 cc and a 4-speed transmission. In the 1970s this was every teenager’s go-to way to get around. Today’s teenager all have electric bicycles. Not sure which is faster. Lol.

1973 MZ TS 250 DDR Military Motorcycle

This motorcycle was built for the East German military – DDr – in the early 1970s. This is the MZ TS 250. We have had a number of European ex-military motorcycles. You don’t see them much over here.

1939 Indian Scout Racer, Wallace Akins

This motorcycle is a rare find. It was raced at Daytona in the 1940s by rider Wallace Akins. A customer of our bought it at auction, and while the bike had truce racing provenance, it neither ran nor looked period correct. While we did not restore the motorcycle engine, we...

1982 Bombardier 250 Military Enduro

This Bombardier 250 motorcycle was from the Belgium Army. We picked it up at an auction. It was also used by the Austrian Army. It’s a ight weight, effective enduro machine. We have had an assortment of military motorcycles over the years from the Condor 350 with a Ducati motor,...

1958 Puch Allstate Scrambler 250cc ISDT

We bought this Allstate Scrambler – by Puch – in original, unrestored condition. It’s a very interesting bike: a 250cc twin single with twin carburetors and an aluminum cylinder. The twin carburetor Scrambler was made for one year only and it had 21.7 horsepower vs. the standard Scrambler which only...

1926 Harley Davidson JD

The beautiful JD #93 was ridden by Scott Jacobs in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball. You can read about it in our Blog here: Cannonball 2014. Ziggy built and prepped this motorcycle (including a newly repainted tank) for that nearly 4,000-mile journey and maintained it on the road for the entire...

1978 Ducati Darmah

1978 Ducati Darmah

This 1978 Ducati Darmah is painted like a Ducati 900 SS. We restored / refurbished this bike for a customer. It’s a great running machine, and great sound with the Conti pipes. It’s a very classy-looking motorcycle. Live happy, spend life on a motorcycle.

1977 Ducati 900 SS

1977 Ducati 900 SS

This is the second 900 SS bevel drive Ducati restored by Classic Motorcycles. It’s a great sounding machine. It is called a “bevel-drive” Ducati because of the bevel gear tower that runs alongside the cylinder, turning the camshafts. This motorcycle is owned by Paul Lima of GP motorcycles.



This is a list of the Ducati motorcycles restored over the past 8 years. Click on a link for pictures and information on any of the bikes below. 1962 Ducati 200 GT 1975 Ducati 900 SS 1960s Ducati 250 GP

1966 VéloSolex Model S3300, Solex

  The Solex requires pedaling to start. It’s basically a motorized bicycle. This 50cc moped was produced in France from 1946 to 1988. It was simple transportation for the masses. This model was only produced from 1964 to 1966 and has a square-tubed frame. With its 50cc engine, the Solex...