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Stage 11 — Durango to Page

Stage 11 – Durango, CO to Page, AZ – 262 miles Bleak and dreary morning. The rain was pretty solid. However, Cris was still pushing to make the top 25, so she was up for the challenge. In the first photo below, Pat and Dave push Cris’ bike Effie to...


Stage 10 — Pueblo to Durango

Stage 10 – Pueblo, CO to Durango, CO – 264 miles Yesterday’s challenge was made difficult by the sheer number of miles and the heat. Today’s ride is an insane climb through the Rocky Mountains on 100-year-old motorcycles. Altitude sickness was also a problem for some riders. Riders first encountered the La...


Stage 3 — Morgantown to Chillicothe

Stage 3 – Morgantown, W. VA to Chillicothe, Ohio – 218 miles After the adrenaline and excitement of yesterday, today’s events seemed tame. Cris took off on Effie around 8:45 in the morning, and we expected that she would have a good ride. “Effie” has already toured the US once...