Stage 3 — Morgantown to Chillicothe

Stage 3 – Morgantown, W. VA to Chillicothe, Ohio – 218 miles

After the adrenaline and excitement of yesterday, today’s events seemed tame. Cris took off on Effie around 8:45 in the morning, and we expected that she would have a good ride. “Effie” has already toured the US once in the 2010 Cannonball. After we welded her side kickstand last night, she felt she could be more self-sufficient out on the road. Trying to put the bike, with the saddlebags and the extra gas canister, on the rear stand alone is just not possible.


Low lying clouds in the valleys near Morgantown at the start of Stage 3.

Cris is wearing gear from Rev’It, who are our team sponsors. The jeans are lined with kevlar.

Our drive was uneventful and most of it took place on 170-mile stretch of the Interstate 50 through West Virginia and Ohio. There wasn’t much to see except an unending line of trees. Crossing the Ohio River was the high point.


Pat rode with the crew today, because we ran out of time last night to repair his clutch. After the crazy events of the day, and the late delivery of his bike from the sweep crew, we concentrated only on getting Cris’ bike ready for today. We waited for her call at lunch to hear that she was doing well.

After “setting up shop” at the hotel in Chillicothe, the mechanics were able to fix Pat’s clutch and fine-tune his ride, “Vinnie” for tomorrow.


While the mechanics finished up on Pat’s bike, I waited out front for Cris to come in on “Effie”. She arrived with a few minutes to spare, making her full points for the day.


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