2015 Las Vegas Motorcycle Auctions

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  1. bill milburn says:

    Beart was a famous tuner

  2. Norman Illsley says:

    Greetings. I still have two NSU factory bikes. The 98cc 1951 Fox that Dave Ekins won the 125cc Catalina TT in 1952 and I won in 53, and the 500cc Konsul that I rode in the Daytona 100 miler in 53 but did not finish. That bike arrived in Daytona on Thursday in the crate. We got it running and maybe 25 miles put on before the Saturday race, but not time for race preparation. The oil tank came off during the race and I pulled off rather than blowing the engine. It has alloy rims, hairpin valve springs, square head, no kick starter, and about 1,000 miles on it. The Fox is in nice running condition, more miles, but still the original tires. It will probably end up with Dave’s son in Reno. I’m looking for the proper home for the Konsul. Got any suggestions? I just turned 19 (backwards) so am no longer racing!!! (I also have a Max I’m restoring)

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