Stage 4 — Chattanooga to Clarksville

Monday, September 8, 2014 — Chattanooga to Clarksville

Stage four was all about Tennessee. It began in Chatanooga and ended in Clarksville, a total of 237 miles. The endurance run is a test for the motorcycles and the riders. For the support crew it means wrenching at night by flashlight or lantern, sometimes in the rain — sleeping very little — and then getting up early to check the bikes for their road worthiness once again. For the riders it means praying for good weather and hoping that they get all their miles in to complete the stage and advance in the standings, and most importantly that they arrive safely!

For one of our riders — Sharon Jacobs — it meant riding with the support crew in the Sprinter as she had to wait for new pistons and cylinders to be over-nighted to the next hotel. For the rest of the team it was good weather and full points for a successful ride.

Scenes from today / stage 4:

Scott gets a kiss for good luck. Sharon awaits new pistons.

Somewhere along the route — Red Boiling Springs — the riders stopped at the Cyclemos Museum.

Scott Jacobs signs one of his pieces of art in the bathroom at the Cyclemos Museum.


Cris Simmons was riding again after two days down for repairs. She was hoping to ride with Sharon, but she will have to wait one more day until Sharon get her bike parts.

How does Team Vino celebrate after a day of riding? With Cannonball Red.

How does Team Vino celebrate after a day of riding?
With Cannonball Red of course.

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