Stage 7 — Springfield to Wichita

Stage 7 – Springfield, MO to Wichita, KS – 250 miles

The morning’s staggered start was the same as every day. I decided instead to photograph the variety of license plates on the motorcycles, because amazingly the riders came from all points of the globe — all over the US, Europe, South Africa, Japan and Australia. A few of the plates are pictured below.

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We also have a couple of Cannonball dogs, Sadie (left) and Marty.

20160916_113327 20160916_113042

The mild morning quickly turned to a torrential downpour. It dumped on the riders. Saddlebags, and boots were full of water, and some of the scroll charts which provide the riders with their directions were also wet, so that as they turned the chart to the next direction, the paper would tear leaving them directionless. The organizers of the Cannonball decided to quit the race at the half-way point at the hosted lunch, giving all riders who made the approximate 125 miles (as opposed to the 250) full points. Cris received full points for today — another Ace.


Riders — including Cris — huddled under a gas station during a downpour. Earlier, lightning struck the gas station, rendering the pumps inoperable!

The crew van was about 70 miles from the final destination when we got the call from Cris to pick her up. We turned around and drove into a heavy downpour. We could hardly see out the front windshield. It was definitely a good call to terminate the race stage at the half-way point.

With the bikes loaded up and everyone safely in the van, we headed for the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum in Auburn, Kansas. They were providing the hosted dinner for the riders and crew. Despite the crazy weather, there was a great turnout. The Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum was developed by owner Kelly Modlin #24, who is riding the Cannonball with us this year. He has over 70 vintage motorcycles in his museum. Great place. A select few photos are below. And the hospitality was excellent — fresh corn, baked potatoes and lots of steak. The best hosted stop by far.



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