Stage 6 – Cape Girardeau to Springville

Stage 6 – Cape Girardeau, MO to Springville, MO – 249 miles

As we drifted off to sleep listening to the weather report, I heard something about wind, rain and possible tornados! I thought the next stage was going to be a disaster. As it turns out, the morning was rather mild and everyone was in good spirits. Below are a few photos of riders as they prepared for the ride, and others… well they were still working on theirs in the parking lot. The “Ace” stickers on the front fenders are what riders receive for every day they have a perfect score.

Below Jersey John and his girlfriend work on Thor. Doc and dawn dress the part headed west in their 1915 HD sidecar rig.

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As we took to the highway in the crew van we saw thunderheads building in the distance and knew at some point the riders would get wet. And they did. It poured, filling up boots and saddlebags. While the bursts of rain were intense, at least they were short lived. We never know what we will encounter along the way. We only occasionally run into the riders, as it is mostly planned for us to take different routes, so when we do it is always a pleasure. Today we also came across several Amish families in their horse-drawn buggies — talk about stepping back in time! Below are photos of Dean Bordigioni in his single cylinder, Class I motorcycle, and the Amish with their one-horse-powered buggy.



At the end of the day Cris, once again, came in with full points. She is definitely a woman to look up to.


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